New Age Mothers……. Working Mothers……and the Great Attempt for Work Life Balance :)

Ahhhh If you didn’t know that it’s 2014… Let me help welcome you……. HELLOOOOOO IT’S 2014 (in the most sarcastic voice you could ever imagine)…… and in this day & age…. what has become more common… is the age of ¬†#WorkingMoms ūüôā

We are still the first ones awake, and the last ones to go to sleep. ¬†But , now in-between we work 9 to 5’s , we cook, we clean, tend to our families… and ourselves (when time permits). ¬†Its a new day and age. ¬†I remember my Grandma (Momma) working just to buy Minks, Sunday hats…and purses.. and that’s about it. ¬†She didn’t “have” to work. ¬†My Granddad (Daddy) worked his butt off and took care of an entire family of FIVE. ¬†Now, because of the high cost of living …. EVERYWHERE….. that is not as common as it was in the past. ¬†Both parents work, they have to. ¬†They work together to reach a common ground…. making sure that their households are fully functional, and that the children within… want for nothing.

I’m a mother ¬†of 2 and a soon-to-be Stepmom of my 3rd, and my goals are simple:

1.  Make sure God is always first in our household

2. Be a strong support system to my Family

3.  Never let Work/Money become more important than my Family!

It’s really easy to get so caught up in working that you forget…their are people at home that need ya! ¬†There has to be Work/Life Balance. ¬†I have been BLESSED beyond belief to get to work for a company that supports Family. ¬†Mat Ishbia the CEO of USFS ¬†supports the Work/Life balance theory. ¬†He has created a culture that challenges every employee to work their 8 hours… the full 8 hours and then GO HOME!! ¬†They don’t enforce mandatory overtime. ¬†They enforce working your given shift…They want you to maximize all of your time while your at work.. as opposed to lolligagging… and wasting the time that you actually have to be there anyway. ¬†I love it. ¬†I’m excited to go to work…and I’m excited to go spend time with my family when my work day has ended.

My fianc√© and our children understand…#WorkEthic… we all push each other, and we know and understand what each persons role in the house. ¬† It’s ok to be a #WorkingMom in 2014. ¬†You just have to maneuver it in… and get everyone to help out in the process.

So just in case I don’t get tell all you wonderful Moms out there….. On Sunday…..

Whether your a Working Mom….or a Stay At Home Mom……either way your title is #SUPERMOM soooooo



My Cooking and I ….. Why I Cook…and Why i Read… EVERY LABEL!!!!!

Sooo many people say, you should seriously start a food blog… ¬†Your food looks amazing… My response is always… #ThankYou because ¬†…..I was taught to say thank you after any type of constructive criticism is given.

Ohhhhhhhhh but My Cooking and I…. have a deep relationship…if I have had a long day… I cook… If I’m stressed out… I cook… If i’m bored… I cook… if I wanna have some fun…. I cook…. …even if I’m sad…..I cook!!!! ¬† Seriously…Me cooking is like breathing. ¬†I just do it. ¬†It always feels right… and it makes me happy ūüôā

Now, seeing that I love to cook so much… I had to learn to be smart about it. Cooking is great but if your cooking the wrong things you will end up a hot 500lbs!!! ¬†So I pay attention to the things that I cook for myself and my family. ¬† I have been vegan for about 17 weeks now, and I took my family off of beef and pork for about the same time…..If they sneak it in… its when they are not around me! ¬†( lol) ¬†I read labels out of control…we have some allergies in my household… My fianc√© is allergic to onions… I’m allergic to dairy products.. (no not lactose intolerant… like allergic). ¬†So i have to read the labels. ¬†I want to know EVERYTHING THAT IS IN EVERYTHING!!!!

I don’t like to buy products that has too much sodium. ¬†I’m trying to steer clear of canned veggies.. but its sooooo hard (I’m working on it) . ¬†But when your a full time working Mommy and Wife..meals have to be quick, in and out, …. I’m talking get er’ done! ¬†If i’m off at 6-630 and my kids need to be in bed by 9pm… #NOEXCUSES….Sometimes canned veggies like #blackbeans and #corn….will save a sistas life! ¬†So… it’s a continuous work in progress ya know. I’m only trying to be superwoman here! (lol)

¬†Just so that you understand where I’m coming from… check this out….. Here is an article that shows you a few of the ingredients that ¬†are approved here in the US but completely banned in other countries… its crazy you have to pay attention to everything… ¬†Everything that looks good IS NOT good for you.

5 FDA-Approved Food Additives Banned in Other Countries




Ohhhh but wait… there is more… here is another….its crazy… but people don’t read the ingredients, or can even pronounce half the crap thats on the side anyway…look at this article.

5 Harmful FDA-Approved Food Additives

If anything…..DO YOUR BODY A FAVOR…. pay attention to what you put in it…¬†

It will #ThankYou later ūüôā