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Resident Gig for Saturday Night Laughs

DJ Daveyboy Wonder

One of my resident gig is for Detroit Comedian Coolaide. He is funny cat that has traveled the world as a comedian just as I as a dj. We come together every second Saturday for Saturday Night Laughs a staple in Detroit comedy. He flies in a headline comedian every month and its always cool to meet famous and up and coming comedians. I have to be on point with the music when its a part of their act or get clowned. A lot of things I do with the comedians are improved and I love coming through every time.






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DJ Daveyboy Wonder

Music moves at the speed of sound lol. So much music is available and it’s hard to find quality. Today, I djed a middle and high school party. I like to challenge myself with arranging records that I’m not familiar with. I turn music that I dont like into and arrange it and try to entertain the youth at the same time. While having to be prepared to mute or change a record at the sound of cuss words on a clean version.

Then, a few hours later, I had to support my clear soul brothers as they competed to represent Detroit for the A3C festival in Atlanta. I know they should win but I am biased.

A day in the life.

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