The #InstantGratification Age ~ #DriveThroughLifeMentality


Mmmmmmm  how did we get here.   Are we too smart for our own good?  Have we been going through life in the fast lane for so long that we don’t know how to slow down? It’s crazy. Everything we need in life right now.. its easy to get.  Its like going to McDonalds, when you’re hungry and saying… gimme a combo meal… and 3 minutes later we are eating and on our way to the next stop.

RELAXXXXXXXXX!!!!!  Jesussssssss HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just stop. Smile at the person walking next to you… look up from your cell phone…and notice other HUMANS.  Realize that the Sun is shining on you… Stick your tongue out and catch a freaking snowflake would ya?  There is so many natural things that we have that we forget to take advantage of……that are right here for the taking.

Stop!!!!!!  Look around where you are, and notice the people.   Have you ever thought of how many lives are around you?  And how you effect one another?  So many lives… So many people… going through so many different things.  Geez… and you think you have problems…  Everyone does.  We all have things going on, and the world keeps spinning.

Lets look at Love for example.  OMG Love is a simple, free, amazing thing, and people take advantage of it because…..they can’t put a value to it…Like they can their car… or their job, or their nice little jewelry.  But is so much more valuable than any of that. That’s the one that the bible speaks the most of… and we as people like to do it the least.

Everything can’t give you #InstantGratification.  Some things you have to put in work for.  Some things are like plant seeds, you have to nurture and care for them, and then they grow. Sometimes it makes me sad that people just #DriveThroughLife because you miss out on some of the greatest things that they will ever encounter.  I’m a simple girl….i adore the basics…while everyone else likes black and white… i LIVE IN COLOR….and i absolutely LOVE IT!!  I believe in things that you can’t see.  If forces you to have faith, and hope, and then you become overwhelmed with joy when what you have had faith for… and hoped for.. actually comes to fruition.

Life will keep moving regardless…but make sure while you’re driving through it…..slow down……roll the windows down… open the freakin sun roof…and admire its beauties. Take in the fresh air…..

Live a little.

Love Often.

And Smile so much that people ask you…Why are you so Happy 🙂


Love Ya!



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