#AGoodRead——–Separate but Equal.

The textbooks from my childhood years basically ended with a few token pages towards the end that no one ever really talked about, Gorbechev and the Star Wars program, something about Reaganomics. But the chapter before? The one covering the sixties? We had a unit on that. That was about Martin Luther King. When you’re […]



Are #PaperbackBooks a thing of the past? Or has #EBooks taken over forever??????

  Yeah so my brain has been pondering this, as I determine if my book will be released as a #Paperback or an #EBook.  I have watched Bookstores close down and new websites arise because of this simple thought. We are so #HighTech in 2015, everyone has #Smartphones and #Tablets…. And I mean #EVERYONE!! Schools are teaching children with iPads, Moms and Dads are walking around with iPhones and Androids, little babies under 6 months can figure out if I swipe left or right it will change the screen!!!!! My Grandma (A Saint) has an iPhone and she keeps up with Obamas tweets, and everyone in the families #Facebook or #Instagram!!!! #BlessGod if this isn’t a #Digital world… Well I don’t know what is!  

  Now…. I like the #Organicness of a book. (And it’s not because I’m #Vegan) I just like to pick up a physical book and touch it and read it. Flip through the pages. Highlight things etc. I appreciate it. Now, the flip side to that is….. Every Sunday in church, I have adjusted to using my #iPhone6 as my #Bible! I use my favorite Bible app and it allows me to highlight and do everything that I could do with a real book 😍😍😍😍.  Yet I still have a journal that I keep with me for my sermon notes.. So it’s obvious that I’m not completely bought in. *sigh*

Am I crazy? Let’s take a vote. Creating an #eBook of course is cheaper. Creating a physical book especially a #GreenBook made of #RecycledPaper (I am a #Vegan for Godsake) cost more than just a regular book even. (Please know that that pisses me off.. To do something that can save the planet cost more.. Just like to eat healthy costs more.. But that’s a whole different topic….I’ll hop off my #Soapbox for now).  But let’s see what the #People say!!

Tell me your thoughts on this topic!!! It will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks #Fam