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The Quest for the Best Vegan Banana Bread Recipe……hmmmmmmm

Sooo I bought a crap load of Bananas… We ate some.. and the others we left… to ripen……for Banana Bread and Muffins…  Now a week ago or so… I made some Sweet Potato Banana Bread ..and it was good… but I wanted something else in them… I wanted them to be fluffy morsels of goodness…. The batch I made was just morsels of goodness.  I mean they were good, because i mean ALL OF THE MUFFINS AND BREAD WERE GONE BEFORE I GOT HOME FROM WORK… (i have walking garbage disposals in my house.. no joke).  Now I bought these bananas… and if I didn’t want them to get old… the fricking things would have been old in like … a day or two… Oh but these super bananas I purchased… WOULD NOT GET OLD!!!  PISSED!!!   Finally… they were ripe enough for baking! (whew)  My patience was growing thin!!!! Honestly… my brain is saying..If we needed these bananas to last this long.. they wouldn’t have!!!! smh.  Moving along..

Well… I have a recipe of my own.. and I’ve been surfing Pinterest.. and the web to see if there are any “OMG I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THIS VEGAN BANANA BREAD” recipes out there.. so see shall see…

If anyone one has any ideas… HELP A SISTA OUT!!!!






This road to being a Vegetarian? or Vegan? ….How long will it last?

Soooo i’m restless….and when I’m restless… I want to….cook… or clean… or write down my thoughts and sort through all the Hullabaloo that’s going through my mind……..

in 1 day.. I will be without meat, & fish for 1 month.  Now, was this planned ….No.  I just did it to control what I had stuffed myself with over the holidays so I wanted to do like a 2 week cleanse… and get my body together and start a work our regiment.  Well…I’m still standing… and I’m not like… losing my mind to….hurry up and get back to meat… or fish.. or anything.  I’m chillaxing.

My brain has come to the decision that… it likes certain flavors and textures…. not necessarily that specific meal.

So… to make it make sense… I am obsessed with Buffalo Wild Wings right…When I was a meat eater…i would crave….Spicy Garlic Wings…now today… My daughter found out today that she didn’t make the Volleyball team, I told her hey… you gave it your all, we will try again next year… but as a Mommy.. you kinda want your kids to just feel ok.. so I said.. you pick Dinner today..whatever you want!  Guess what she picked… Buffalo Wild Wings (Dear God …please help me).  All I could think was … well she will be happy and i’ll just eat when I get home…lol!  But I faced the place I loved… and took it’s Meat Filled Menu by the neck and you know what I did….I was a big girl (lol) and ordered a Black Bean Burger #NoCheese!!! Oh..and I was daring….I had them add Spicy Garlic Sauce to it AND I ASKED FOR ANOTHER SIDE OF IT!(Aoooooooww!!!!)  And it was sheer #awesomesauce!!!  I was happy!  I ate half that thing…and i was #full and #satisfied!!!!!  It was a great Family Date Night!!!

I satisfied my brains thirst for the flavors that I liked. I didn’t have to just get wings to have the sauce… I wanted the sauce!!!  OH HOW I WANTED THE SAUCE!!!!!! #BOOM!!!  This vegetarian/Vegan thing is not so bad at all!

Well… I think I’m done with this rant… for now!  Ha!

Til Next Time!!


Que 🙂