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Ok… I just need to get this off my chest.. #RealQuick… this is gonna probably be my easiest post.. because I have started so many others.. but didn’t post then yet because.. I just wanna think it out..


Ok.. let me focus… because I didn’t know how amazing it would make me feel.. to just #save some money.. I feel like I have missed out on so many years of #Couponing!!!!  I try not to think of money that I have blown…lol.. paying retail for things… huh.. it makes my heart hurt.

Oh… but what a blessing was bestowed upon me… as i was paying close attention to one of my #Amazing classmates from HIGH SCHOOL… CeCe….she never has to pay full price for anything.. she is a #GURU AT #COUPONING!!! #BLESSHERLORD!!!  SHE HELPED ME!!! I’m so grateful!  Our family of 5… is always in need.. and i …….#StronglyDislike..  for a better choice of words…PAYING FULL PRICE!!! I’ve always been good at finding a good sale.. but what i thought was good is NOTHING!!!  DO YOU HEAR ME… NOTHING COMPARED TO THE SAVINGS THAT #Hardcore #Couponers save. NOTHING!!!!!!!

coupons blog

Now…it becomes and obsession.. you want to learn the lingo… then you wanna learn how to find the sales… then you wanna know when the freakin manufacturers coupons come out… then you order your first batch of coupons, you’re watching the mailbox, then they arrive… and whoooooaaaaaaa ……then you really wanna buy EVERYTHING!!! LOL… AND YES.. IT’S THAT INTENSE!!!!!! (I literally just had to laugh)

The Lord #Himself…told me… that #GLUTTONY is not just for food Quiana…. (I’m not cray cray.. but I have my own personal relationship with God…) (judge me if you want. #iDon’tCare lol) And it was to say…don’t just buy everything… only buy the items that you need in your household, because… I’m sucked in… #JustKeepinItReal  So…I have to know what I would like to have “on hand” ….I write it down.. and I can only buy whats on that list.  (this is how I control myself..) (so I think)

The things i love: (aka… acceptable items for my initial hauls )                                                                                                 (**hauls are your bulk purchase…HA!,  told ya’ll i’m vested, learning the lingo and everything)

Gain Flings (so the kids don’t waste detergent)/Bounce dryer sheets/ Glad trash bags/Olay body wash/Gillette deodorant/ secret deodorant/ crest and Colgate toothpaste/ Dove Soap/ Lysol Kitchen, and Reg Spray/ Pinesol (not the gold one)/ Bounty Paper Towel/ Charmin Toilet Paper/Windex

To me these are the basics that i need everyday… so my focus is on these items.. BUT I WANNA GET OTHER STUFF!!!



But I’m going to stick to my guns… and get what I need, and not become and impulsive buyer… Its hard though… the Rush that you get when you have like.. $100 worth of stuff on the counter.. and they say like..$15 IS SOOO AMAZING!!!! I just needed to get that out..

Its great to be saving money…but it must be controlled. #JustSayin   My fiancé ALREADY asked me if I was about to open a Dollar Store with all this stuff…..  (cracking up!!!)

Anyway……For anyone who wants to start Couponing….there are apps for any and everything…my current favorites are Favado, i can just type in what i need and it will tell me everyplace near me that has it, and how to get the max discount, Cartwheel- an app for Target, and of course my spots…… Kmart, Meijer, Kroger, Walmart, Dollar General, Walgreens, and CVS…whew!!!!   Now.. my girl CeCe is about to start doing classes!!! She is AMAZING!!!! AND WORTH EVER DOLLAR I WILL PAY FOR A CLASS!!!…… SHE IS AWESOME!!! AND SHE TAUGHT ME SOO MUCH 🙂  #THANKS CECE!!!!

Well.. i think I got it all out!!! This is #Que #SigningOff

Who knows what I will be on a #QuestFor Next….LOL!!!!!!

Love ya!!!!



Cotton Candy Clouds

Simplicity makes me happy. I don’t have to have the most expensive this.. Or the newest that… I’m simple 🙂 it’s the 4th of July and I have my family… Even though my kids are up North… And my fiancé is right next to me.. I have my family 🙂 they are a blessing…

My action for the day though came from me riding with my fiancé and opening the sun roof. I watched the clouds. It made me smile. It made me smile a HUGE SMILE 🙂 All I could think of was… They look like Cotton Candy! And geez did the creator of cotton candy get the idea from looking up at the clouds? HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I’m such a goof! But it made me soo happy. I thought…..Geez God… How did you come up with this stuff. Just another one of your miracles that I get to gaze upon EVERYDAY :). I felt grateful. I felt like a kid. I felt like I could lay on the ground (on a blanket or something.. Cuz God knows I’m NOT a fan of bugs … Just being honest) and look up at the sky for hours. The cumulus looks awesome…how it travels… And how it slowly breaks apart and form a new cloud…..or when it gets full it releases rain…it’s AMAZING! Those great big Cotton Candy Clouds have such a big job in out atmosphere.

Same as each one of us.. We each have a purpose in this great big world. Big or small it’s a purpose. So find your lane and stay in it. Look at the clouds.. They know their purpose and they stick to it…

You have to say they are soooo gorgeous… The sky is soo blue and the clouds are sooooo bright and white… Look for yourself 🙂

Find Joy in the Little Things 🙂

God Bless You and all the Little Things

Que 🙂