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Are #PaperbackBooks a thing of the past? Or has #EBooks taken over forever??????

  Yeah so my brain has been pondering this, as I determine if my book will be released as a #Paperback or an #EBook.  I have watched Bookstores close down and new websites arise because of this simple thought. We are so #HighTech in 2015, everyone has #Smartphones and #Tablets…. And I mean #EVERYONE!! Schools are teaching children with iPads, Moms and Dads are walking around with iPhones and Androids, little babies under 6 months can figure out if I swipe left or right it will change the screen!!!!! My Grandma (A Saint) has an iPhone and she keeps up with Obamas tweets, and everyone in the families #Facebook or #Instagram!!!! #BlessGod if this isn’t a #Digital world… Well I don’t know what is!  

  Now…. I like the #Organicness of a book. (And it’s not because I’m #Vegan) I just like to pick up a physical book and touch it and read it. Flip through the pages. Highlight things etc. I appreciate it. Now, the flip side to that is….. Every Sunday in church, I have adjusted to using my #iPhone6 as my #Bible! I use my favorite Bible app and it allows me to highlight and do everything that I could do with a real book ūüėćūüėćūüėćūüėć.  Yet I still have a journal that I keep with me for my sermon notes.. So it’s obvious that I’m not completely bought in. *sigh*

Am I crazy? Let’s take a vote. Creating an #eBook of course is cheaper. Creating a physical book especially a #GreenBook made of #RecycledPaper (I am a #Vegan for Godsake) cost more than just a regular book even. (Please know that that pisses me off.. To do something that can save the planet cost more.. Just like to eat healthy costs more.. But that’s a whole different topic….I’ll hop off my #Soapbox for now).  But let’s see what the #People say!!

Tell me your thoughts on this topic!!! It will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks #Fam




#Couponing #CouponCommunity #WhoLeftTheGateOpen #WhyGod! #HelpMe


Ok… I just need to get this off my chest.. #RealQuick… this is gonna probably be my easiest post.. because I have started so many others.. but didn’t post then yet because.. I just wanna think it out..


Ok.. let me focus… because I didn’t know how amazing it would make me feel.. to just #save some money.. I feel like I have missed out on so many years of #Couponing!!!! ¬†I try not to think of money that I have blown…lol.. paying retail for things… huh.. it makes my heart hurt.

Oh… but what a blessing was bestowed upon me… as i was paying close attention to one of my #Amazing classmates from HIGH SCHOOL… CeCe….she never has to pay full price for anything.. she is a #GURU AT #COUPONING!!! #BLESSHERLORD!!! ¬†SHE HELPED ME!!! I’m so grateful! ¬†Our family of 5… is always in need.. and i …….#StronglyDislike.. ¬†for a better choice of words…PAYING FULL PRICE!!! I’ve always been good at finding a good sale.. but what i thought was good is NOTHING!!! ¬†DO YOU HEAR ME… NOTHING COMPARED TO THE SAVINGS THAT #Hardcore #Couponers save. NOTHING!!!!!!!

coupons blog

Now…it becomes and obsession.. you want to learn the lingo… then you wanna learn how to find the sales… then you wanna know when the freakin manufacturers coupons come out… then you order your first batch of coupons, you’re watching the mailbox, then they arrive… and whoooooaaaaaaa ……then you really wanna buy EVERYTHING!!! LOL… AND YES.. IT’S THAT INTENSE!!!!!! (I literally just had to laugh)

The Lord #Himself…told me… that #GLUTTONY is not just for food Quiana…. (I’m not cray cray.. but I have my own personal relationship with God…) (judge me if you want. #iDon’tCare lol) And it was to say…don’t just buy everything… only buy the items that you need in your household, because… I’m sucked in… #JustKeepinItReal ¬†So…I have to know what I would like to have “on hand” ….I write it down.. and I can only buy whats on that list. ¬†(this is how I control myself..) (so I think)

The things i love: (aka… acceptable items for my initial hauls ) ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† (**hauls are your bulk purchase…HA!, ¬†told ya’ll i’m vested, learning the lingo and everything)

Gain Flings (so the kids don’t waste detergent)/Bounce dryer sheets/ Glad trash bags/Olay body wash/Gillette deodorant/ secret deodorant/ crest and Colgate toothpaste/ Dove Soap/ Lysol Kitchen, and Reg Spray/ Pinesol (not the gold one)/ Bounty Paper Towel/ Charmin Toilet Paper/Windex

To me these are the basics that i need everyday… so my focus is on these items.. BUT I WANNA GET OTHER STUFF!!!



But I’m going to stick to my guns… and get what I need, and not become and impulsive buyer… Its hard though… the Rush that you get when you have like.. $100 worth of stuff on the counter.. and they say like..$15 IS SOOO AMAZING!!!! I just needed to get that out..

Its great to be saving money…but it must be controlled. #JustSayin ¬† My fianc√© ALREADY asked me if I was about to open a Dollar Store with all this stuff….. ¬†(cracking up!!!)

Anyway……For anyone who wants to start Couponing….there are apps for any and everything…my current favorites are Favado, i can just type in what i need and it will tell me everyplace near me that has it, and how to get the max discount, Cartwheel- an app for Target, and of course my spots…… Kmart, Meijer, Kroger, Walmart, Dollar General, Walgreens, and CVS…whew!!!! ¬† Now.. my girl CeCe is about to start doing classes!!! She is AMAZING!!!! AND WORTH EVER DOLLAR I WILL PAY FOR A CLASS!!!…… SHE IS AWESOME!!! AND SHE TAUGHT ME SOO MUCH ūüôā ¬†#THANKS CECE!!!!

Well.. i think I got it all out!!! This is #Que #SigningOff

Who knows what I will be on a #QuestFor Next….LOL!!!!!!

Love ya!!!!


New Age Mothers……. Working Mothers……and the Great Attempt for Work Life Balance :)

Ahhhh If you didn’t know that it’s 2014… Let me help welcome you……. HELLOOOOOO IT’S 2014 (in the most sarcastic voice you could ever imagine)…… and in this day & age…. what has become more common… is the age of ¬†#WorkingMoms ūüôā

We are still the first ones awake, and the last ones to go to sleep. ¬†But , now in-between we work 9 to 5’s , we cook, we clean, tend to our families… and ourselves (when time permits). ¬†Its a new day and age. ¬†I remember my Grandma (Momma) working just to buy Minks, Sunday hats…and purses.. and that’s about it. ¬†She didn’t “have” to work. ¬†My Granddad (Daddy) worked his butt off and took care of an entire family of FIVE. ¬†Now, because of the high cost of living …. EVERYWHERE….. that is not as common as it was in the past. ¬†Both parents work, they have to. ¬†They work together to reach a common ground…. making sure that their households are fully functional, and that the children within… want for nothing.

I’m a mother ¬†of 2 and a soon-to-be Stepmom of my 3rd, and my goals are simple:

1.  Make sure God is always first in our household

2. Be a strong support system to my Family

3.  Never let Work/Money become more important than my Family!

It’s really easy to get so caught up in working that you forget…their are people at home that need ya! ¬†There has to be Work/Life Balance. ¬†I have been BLESSED beyond belief to get to work for a company that supports Family. ¬†Mat Ishbia the CEO of USFS ¬†supports the Work/Life balance theory. ¬†He has created a culture that challenges every employee to work their 8 hours… the full 8 hours and then GO HOME!! ¬†They don’t enforce mandatory overtime. ¬†They enforce working your given shift…They want you to maximize all of your time while your at work.. as opposed to lolligagging… and wasting the time that you actually have to be there anyway. ¬†I love it. ¬†I’m excited to go to work…and I’m excited to go spend time with my family when my work day has ended.

My fianc√© and our children understand…#WorkEthic… we all push each other, and we know and understand what each persons role in the house. ¬† It’s ok to be a #WorkingMom in 2014. ¬†You just have to maneuver it in… and get everyone to help out in the process.

So just in case I don’t get tell all you wonderful Moms out there….. On Sunday…..

Whether your a Working Mom….or a Stay At Home Mom……either way your title is #SUPERMOM soooooo


Currently Living Vicariously through my Fiancé!!!

Ha! ¬†I was just thinking this… so my brain told my fingers to type it!!!

Well… I have this fianc√©… that just so happens to be the greatest Dj ever… Now I’m gonna pause, because I know that your thinking… This girl is nuts and she’s only saying that he is the greatest Dj because he’s hers. ¬†No No No No Nooooooo that’s not it. ¬†I am a #MusicHead its not an understatement….. its a pure fact. ¬†I love ever aspect of it. ¬†I love the melodies.. I love the keys… I love the way it makes you feel. ¬†I love how you can relate every emotion to a song… I just love it. ¬†I love Hip Hop.. I love Rock… I love it.. I just do.. I love it all… I love it so much… I can taste it. ¬†And the cool thing about my fianc√©, David… aka Dj Davey Boy Wonder, aka Dolla… depending on what he’s doing… he loves it too. ¬†

He posted a picture one day… and it was perfect… it was an exact feeling of what a real Dj can do!!!Image


Now I shared this photo… so that you guys can understand this. ¬†But it is the truth. ¬†

Now I’m not the only person that believes that he is amazing. He is currently on tour with a #True Hip Hop group called Clear Soul Forces… now…. let me be clear when I say #True Hip Hop… (yes i had to hash tag it … to make sure you understand what I’m saying…) ¬†It’s real hip hop, so these guys couldn’t use a Dj…that didn’t have his ear.. or a Dj that could make a crowd go … WILD!! I WOULDN’T HAVE MADE SINCE…Their energy is … #RIDICULOUS… so whatever Dj selected would have had to have that same #RIDICULOUS energy as well. ¬†Back to my point, he’s on a 24 city tour with them in Europe… and its going soooooo well.. I wish i lived in Europe!!! I wish I could just be a fly…. on tour with them. ¬†LOL!!! #NoJoke! ¬†I would faithfully be at every show!!!! ¬†#Seriously!!!

They had a show today, in Bordeaux, France, and it was Hosted by Nova Planet, and they streamed the show live on the air. ¬†WHEN I SAY IT WAS BONKERS… THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! UGH! I wanna throw up…because the show was #SICK!!! ¬†I’M IN THE USA… AND THESE GUYS ARE IN FRANCE.. AND I WAS HANGING ON EVERY WORD IN EVERY BAR… WHEN THE DJ (#MyDj) said throw your hands up.. I literally sat in a corporate office and threw my damn hands up like I was at the show!!!!!! ¬†WHATTTTTTT!!!!

All I could think was … FaReal? ¬†Ya’ll got me like this… at my #Job? ¬† #SayHuhSayWhat?

You could feel the crowd… you can hear the smooth transitions from one song to another. ¬†Even in the transitions when the guys were going from their regular wardrobe to their #NinjaFits (yeah.. I’m nosey and I know all the details.. because I live in the details) Dj Davey Boy Wonder (#MyDJ) still had the crowd hype as HELL!! The noise meter was off the chart!!!!! ¬†#NinjaRap came on and their back-n-forth rap style had the crowd going wild… ¬†It was #Sick… I was #Gone…..and once again… I just fell in love with the music again……Ugh… #YouFeelMe?!

#MyDJ …Dj Davey Boy Wonder… knows music for days.. he can tell you who sampled what… what the original was… He can spin… in an empty room and draw a crowd… He can spin any type of music, anytime… and have everyone leaving trying to find out… where the hell did you get the songs from. ¬†Where did it come from … He’s sick. ¬†If I’m mad and he spins.. I for get what I’m mad at….I’m in love again. ¬†He’s amazing. ¬†His ears….. make my life happy. ¬†and I’m not talking about the physical shape of his ear.. I’m talking the types of music that he hears. ¬†The sounds that he hears in the music. ¬†Harmonies. ¬†Pitch. ¬†Ugh… again.. you get my Drift…HE…IS….MUSIC…. and again.. Its not just because he is #MINE… it’s the #Truth.

So yeah.. I’m living vicariously through him right now… I may be in the USA.. right now, but my heart is traveling across the great country of Europe, and my spirit is with him. ¬†The stories, and pictures feed my soul.

Every show they have done… The crowd is open.. and ready to receive he music. ¬†They love the music. ¬†They love the hip hop. ¬†They respect it. ¬†I wish it was like that here in the USA. ¬†These guys are from Detroit …a place where music resides…..I wish the love that they get overseas.. was the same type of love they got here. ¬† And I’m just speaking the #Truth!!! ¬†Hey…#TheMusicMadeMeDoIt ūüôā

My brain is telling me.. if you don’t know who Dj Davey Boy Wonder is…#GetToKnowHim……..#TheMusicMightChangeYoLife ūüôā




Happy Touring Love…

I’m proud of you and the guys

#DjDaveyBoyWonder #ClearSoulForces



The Quest for the Best Vegan Banana Bread Recipe……hmmmmmmm

Sooo I bought a crap load of Bananas‚Ķ We ate some.. and the others we left‚Ķ to ripen‚Ķ‚Ķfor Banana Bread and Muffins‚Ķ ¬†Now a week ago or so‚Ķ I made some Sweet Potato Banana Bread ..and it was good‚Ķ but I wanted something else in them‚Ķ I wanted them to be fluffy morsels of goodness‚Ķ. The batch I made was just morsels of goodness. ¬†I mean they were good, because i mean ALL OF THE MUFFINS AND BREAD WERE GONE BEFORE I GOT HOME FROM WORK‚Ķ (i have walking garbage disposals in my house.. no joke). ¬†Now I bought these bananas‚Ķ and if I didn’t want them to get old‚Ķ the fricking things would have been old in like ‚Ķ a day or two‚Ķ Oh but these super bananas I purchased‚Ķ WOULD NOT GET OLD!!! ¬†PISSED!!! ¬† Finally‚Ķ they were ripe enough for baking! (whew) ¬†My patience was growing thin!!!! Honestly‚Ķ my brain is saying..If we needed these bananas to last this long.. they wouldn’t have!!!! smh. ¬†Moving along..

Well‚Ķ I have a recipe of my own.. and I’ve been surfing Pinterest.. and the web to see if there are any “OMG I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THIS VEGAN BANANA BREAD” recipes out there.. so see shall see…

If anyone one has any ideas… HELP A SISTA OUT!!!!

LOL ūüėČ





This road to being a Vegetarian? or Vegan? ….How long will it last?

Soooo i’m restless‚Ķ.and when I’m restless‚Ķ I want to‚Ķ.cook‚Ķ or clean‚Ķ or write down my thoughts and sort through all the Hullabaloo that’s going through my mind‚Ķ‚Ķ..

in 1 day.. I will be without meat, & fish for 1 month. ¬†Now, was this planned ‚Ķ.No. ¬†I just did it to control what I had stuffed myself with over the holidays so I wanted to do like a 2 week cleanse‚Ķ and get my body together and start a work our regiment. ¬†Well‚ĶI’m still standing‚Ķ and I’m not like‚Ķ losing my mind to‚Ķ.hurry up and get back to meat‚Ķ or fish.. or anything. ¬†I’m chillaxing.

My brain has come to the decision that… it likes certain flavors and textures…. not necessarily that specific meal.

So‚Ķ to make it make sense‚Ķ I am obsessed with Buffalo Wild Wings right‚ĶWhen I was a meat eater‚Ķi would crave‚Ķ.Spicy Garlic Wings‚Ķnow today‚Ķ My daughter found out today that she didn’t make the Volleyball team, I told her hey‚Ķ you gave it your all, we will try again next year‚Ķ but as a Mommy.. you kinda want your kids to just feel ok.. so I said.. you pick Dinner today..whatever you want! ¬†Guess what she picked‚Ķ Buffalo Wild Wings (Dear God ‚Ķplease help me). ¬†All I could think was ‚Ķ well she will be happy and i’ll just eat when I get home‚Ķlol! ¬†But I faced the place I loved‚Ķ and took it’s Meat Filled Menu by the neck and you know what I did‚Ķ.I was a big girl (lol) and ordered a Black Bean Burger #NoCheese!!! Oh..and I was daring‚Ķ.I had them add Spicy Garlic Sauce to it AND I ASKED FOR ANOTHER SIDE OF IT!(Aoooooooww!!!!) ¬†And it was sheer #awesomesauce!!! ¬†I was happy! ¬†I ate half that thing‚Ķand i was #full and #satisfied!!!!! ¬†It was a great Family Date Night!!!

I satisfied my brains thirst for the flavors that I liked. I didn’t have to just get wings to have the sauce‚Ķ I wanted the sauce!!! ¬†OH HOW I WANTED THE SAUCE!!!!!! #BOOM!!! ¬†This vegetarian/Vegan thing is not so bad at all!

Well‚Ķ I think I’m done with this rant‚Ķ for now! ¬†Ha!

Til Next Time!!


Que ūüôā