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Are #PaperbackBooks a thing of the past? Or has #EBooks taken over forever??????

  Yeah so my brain has been pondering this, as I determine if my book will be released as a #Paperback or an #EBook.  I have watched Bookstores close down and new websites arise because of this simple thought. We are so #HighTech in 2015, everyone has #Smartphones and #Tablets…. And I mean #EVERYONE!! Schools are teaching children with iPads, Moms and Dads are walking around with iPhones and Androids, little babies under 6 months can figure out if I swipe left or right it will change the screen!!!!! My Grandma (A Saint) has an iPhone and she keeps up with Obamas tweets, and everyone in the families #Facebook or #Instagram!!!! #BlessGod if this isn’t a #Digital world… Well I don’t know what is!  

  Now…. I like the #Organicness of a book. (And it’s not because I’m #Vegan) I just like to pick up a physical book and touch it and read it. Flip through the pages. Highlight things etc. I appreciate it. Now, the flip side to that is….. Every Sunday in church, I have adjusted to using my #iPhone6 as my #Bible! I use my favorite Bible app and it allows me to highlight and do everything that I could do with a real book 😍😍😍😍.  Yet I still have a journal that I keep with me for my sermon notes.. So it’s obvious that I’m not completely bought in. *sigh*

Am I crazy? Let’s take a vote. Creating an #eBook of course is cheaper. Creating a physical book especially a #GreenBook made of #RecycledPaper (I am a #Vegan for Godsake) cost more than just a regular book even. (Please know that that pisses me off.. To do something that can save the planet cost more.. Just like to eat healthy costs more.. But that’s a whole different topic….I’ll hop off my #Soapbox for now).  But let’s see what the #People say!!

Tell me your thoughts on this topic!!! It will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks #Fam